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Dam! the water is rising

and shit floats

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This is the somewhat schitzo LJ of the Beaver Clan. Both Yoni & Chowder write here. There are a few clues as to the picture icons we use & the locations & topics might also give some clues, but other than that, we pretty much write whatever whenever.

Motto: "we take down the hardest wood."

We are the fools of gods and the gods of fools.
For tis a far better thing to be divinely foolish than foolishly divine.

members & positions:

1. Honey Chowder - maniac monk
2. Bushy Yoni - nihilistic nun

(We may be open, but we are restrictive.)


1. there should always be members in the beaver clan.
2. all members must be fed and eat of the mighty beaver.
3. never waste, eat every drop of sauce.
4. all members are NOT created equal, but all beavers are.
amazing art, bountiful books, chaos, discordianism, eclectic eccentricities, family, gibberish, honor, intimate intensity, jellybeans, keys, lush languid language, mischief monks, notorious nuns, obfuscatory oracles, poly pagan pandemonium, querulous questioning, reading, schizophrenic suppositions, tantalizing tattoos, understanding, vegetarianism, writing, xxx, yoga, zeal