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A yougoolagey for Sebastian

   Sebastian came to me on the dream of my coyote shaman husband.  Wade had adopted a cat we named Ibis, for Thoth's sacred bird, and Thoth took Ibis back young.  Wade was broken hearted , and swore not to get another cat and be open to that heartbreak again.  But then he dreamed of this orange cat.  A specific orange cat, which we spent months looking for at nearly every Chicagoland humane society.  He gave up and said, sometimes a dream is just a dream, it must have just been my mourning, etc.
            Then I came home from work and he was on the couch with a long tailed catolescent orangey.  Sebastian was a love from the get-go.  He played with our other cats immediately, sucked up to everyone at my parents house and was beloved by everyone.  He was a fastidious cat, bathing WAAAAY more than any other cat I've know, with his elegant walrus mustache and big white paws. That long skinny tail became a  glorious brush, and he became a violent hunter of feather toys.
             Sebastian was multi-employed, he was my nurse when I was sick, my secretary during the long slow build to my business opening, a paperweight, a pillow, a killer of invading bugs, and always the first to come running when I would be upset. He sang opera in the studio, with many much-lauded (by the other cats) works such as " The Empty Bowl" and "Where are My Snuggles?"  and "Other Cat in My Spot" as well as humorous works such as " Humans are Squeaky to Bite" and "I'm Not Chasing That Red Dot".  He was pretty awesome, and I can't even lapse into recounting some of his irritating foibles, since he had few.
              I will miss you so much, my love, my basilly bass, I love you.
                            Anubis guide you, Bastet keep you until we meet again.



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Jun. 7th, 2013 01:17 am (UTC)
He loved you so much! He liked me, maybe even loved me, but he LOVED you!!! I will miss him too, though never as much as you.

The Old Guard has passed... I wonder if these new fellas can keep the faith as well.
Jun. 7th, 2013 12:56 pm (UTC)
How well I understand that emptiness your sweet Sebastian leaves behind. Everytime I've had a pet pass, it's been wrenching. But he was so lucky to have you and the life you gave him and obviously--he gave so much in return. What a lovely rememberance you words are for your special friend.
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